2010 R1 Release

MRP Explorer

This new tool provides insight into information and suggestions provided by MRP.  The graphical tree view allows users to browse the supply chain in any direction, confirming the ‘pegging’ of supply against demand at all levels.  Explosion of low level amalgamated contribution of components or raw materials, provides explanation of the top level demand determining the suggested supply.  Drill down from top level contract demand  will highlight any potential shortages in supply of all lower level requirements, even when these parts are non contract orientated.

Jobview Link Imports

A further extension to the growing number of standard data import routines, enabling the creation of Jobview document links via a CSV file import.

Sales EDI

Now enhanced with a number of additional options, including automated Call off against a Tentative Schedule.

Multiple Return of Planned Issue

Perform a mass Return of Planned Issue of all or selected range of materials previously issued to a specific Works Order.

Op Time Feedback

A new routine to calculate the average actual time booked for specific ranges of Routings, with the option to update the planned time with a derivative of this average.

Publish Cost of Sales

The Cost of Sales report can now identify and report on cost changes to invoices already detailed in previous Cost of Sales figures.

Additional enhancements

In addition to the 'headliners' JAVELIN 2010 R1 also provides a significant number of  other product developments enhancing existing functionality and usability.

  • Part Narrative is no longer copied to the WO Text under control of a new General Customization flag
  • Typing into fields while in Query Mode now does not loose key presses on fast PC’s / slow networks
  • New Default for “GRN Inspect” on new Parts
  • Store Purchase Parts speed improvements
  • Estimate Routings now have an additional Comment field that prints off as a Narrative (When using Narrative Type C)
  • “Who is In JAVELIN” now has button to display the Computers that are consuming a UniPaas license
  • Shelf Life removed for Non-Traceable Parts
  • Part Maintenance inquiries (e.g. Stock, SO, PO) now default to all records and have easier to use flags to restrict view to Current Issue / Live data
  • Sales Orders now have “Contact” field which is chosen from one of the Customers Contacts. This prints on the Order Acknowledgement
  • Purchase Supplier Rep extended to 30 characters. Printed on PO as “FAO”
  • Purchase PO Acknowledgement date field extended to Consumable Pos
  • Within Screen Based Data Capture (SBDC) starting an Op from the Work To List when scheduled as an alternative Op of WC causes the WC to become the actual WC