This release of JAVELIN once again sees a number of new features, along with improvement and enhancements of existing functionality.  Here is a brief summary of some of the developments.

Sales Item Attributes

Sales Items can now be linked by a set of Primary and Secondary Attributes. These might be unique serial numbers or descriptors of Customer owned equipment or sites. Analysis of sales via these attributes allows tracking of all work performed over a period of time against any one particular attribute.


It is now possible to attach external files to individual Works Orders, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Quotes, Estimates, Customers, Suppliers, Work Centers, Employees and GRNs rather than just Part Records.  Particularly useful for Quality information on individual jobs or Contract information on specific sales.

Purchase Reject Process

The purchase reject process has now been speeded by chaining all the phases together so you do not need to choose each process from the menu or enter the same details multiple times.

Return All to Supplier is a new program to return all outstanding purchase rejects to a supplier in a single process.

Factory Modelling

A number of enhancements have been made to the capacity planning data management to provide more efficient setup and ongoing maintenance.

  • The main screen now displays all modelling information without the need to drill down via buttons
  • Shift Patterns can be named and copied
  • Employee Attendance Patterns can be defined and applied to groups of employees simultaneously – especially useful for sites applying rolling shift patterns
  • Holiday and Sickness Periods can now be entered against Employees rather than defining each day
  • Known closed days are now removed from the Calendar automatically as they are defined without the need to rebuild

Out Standing Delivery MRP Status

This is a new MRP based report that shows outstanding SO Lines, the associated MRP Explorer information and Status indicators.  Provides a useful tool for Contract Managers progressing work and identifying holdups. This is a working report based on customer input to date but could still be subject to further development. Suggestions for improvements from potential users are welcomed.

Material Availability Inquiry

Additional option within Sales Info Hotkey which gives the earliest possible delivery date for a given quantity of a manufactured part based on material availability, taking current MRP suggestions into consideration. Will only use genuinely free stock, or apply Normal Lead Times where new demand is identified.