Release 2012r1, our third release of the SQL based version JAVELIN, was launched in October 2011 at our Annual Customer Events.  As normal this version contains much new functionality, some of which has been specifically requested by our Customers.

"It's JAVELIN listening to what our customers tell us they want in the software to help them become even more efficient".

New functionality includes:

Quality Phase I 
  • Enhanced Reject / Scrap booking via Defect registration 
  • Print and Progress status of Defect 
  • Multiple codes per defect 
  • Processing of Defect to ‘wind’ back reject quantity through existing operations or batch on new works order 
  • Trace additional labour / material costs to defects 
  • Enhanced analysis reports and inquiries 


  • Can now book Qty Complete when completing Setup 
  • Jobs can now be Suspended and automatically Restarted when using a new Suspend type of  non-productive code 

Forward Contract Purchasing 

  • Designed to allow advance purchase of strong contract items without a sales order 
  • Also allow recognition of surplus supply 
  • Purchase or stock strong contract items against ‘dummy’ sales orders 
  • Link ‘real’ sales to dummies so MRP recognizes existing supply 
  • MRP confirmation of stock transfer to real sales order 
  • Supply can now be marked as “Fixed” (MRP Type “F”). This is similar to type N except it is only considered to be available on it’s due date 


  • “Session Time Out” Magic.ini setting causes the application to exit after being idle for the specified number of minutes. By default Session Time Out is not implemented
  • “ServerFarm=Y” Teminal.ini setting that causes Terminals to be identified by User ID only, ignoring Machine Name. Intended for TS/Citrix Farms where the machine may vary, but the configuration will not
  • ICONTYPE Logical name will specify the icon displayed in the upper left of the Application. Useful for identifying Demo or Test systems. Valid values include “Demo, Toolkit, Special, Planit” 
  • Stores can now be designated as Consignment Stores and assigned to a Customer
  • Stock in Consignment Stores can be adjusted/transferred
  • Sales issue allows Consignment Stores to be selected
  • Parts can be marked “Obsolete” which excludes them from most lists, processes and inquiries 
  • Circuit Refs now under Issue Control (Data Upgrades to the Current Issue of a Part)
  • Quotation Items now has “Update Descriptions” button which will refresh the Part No and Descriptions from Estimates or Parts for all lines
  • ROO Drg Issue now visible within Stock Details Inquiry (2011r2) 
  • Parts can be marked "Exclude from Authorization".  This will exclude the Part from the Authorize Structure Treeview 
  • “Create Returns Note” menu renamed “Sales Returns Notes” 
  • Failed Count Report now has Value and Nett Value totals 

Like all new releases 2012r1 has many more new and improved features than can be described in such a brief summary.  If the above has whet your appetite or you want full details of what JAVELIN now has to offer contact Andy Mills.