Release 2012r2,  our fourth release of the SQL based version JAVELIN, was launched in April 2012.  As normal this version contains new functionality, some of which has been specifically requested by our Customers.
"It's JAVELIN listening to what our customers tell us they want in the software to help them become even more efficient".

New functionality includes:

  • Estimating screen redesigned to accommodate automated recalculation of values and price breaks for Material Prices, Sub Con Prices and Addition Costs
  • New program to enter, view and chase Proof of Delivery information against Delivery Notes. Option against Customers to prevent invoicing of goods until a POD has been received
  • Export Sales Invoice details via user defined Crystal Templates, facilitating Customer EDI.  Templates definable at Customer account level allowing different formats for individual customers. 
  • New Contract Control option of “Unique tying supply to specific SO and SO Line. Aimed at sites manufacturing bespoke items that are different each time they are made, allowing effective control under a generic part number
  • New import program to allow mass update of none critical part fields (product group, normal store, buyer, etc).  Import for selected parts and selected fields
  • Serial Nos can now be rapidly entered using normal barcode scanners 
  • WC can now be defined as Standard Time and planned time is always booked by SBDC regardless of actual time clocked on to job
  • Each Scheduling run now has an associated description.
  • Cure date recordable against incoming ROO at Goods In
Like all new releases 2012r2 has many more new and improved features than can be described in such a brief summary.  If the above has whet your appetite or you want full details of what JAVELIN now has to offer contact Andy Mills.