It’s about Time – No not the release date but the content.  JAVELIN, 2013r1 launched in October 2012, focuses heavily on saving time both in day to day activity and on interfacing with the system: 

New functionality includes:

  • Major developments in the use of bar code scanning functions pave the way for wireless device communications, allowing data entry ‘on the move’
  • Locate, Issue, Count and Verify Despatch of stock via mobile scanners (suitable hardware / infrastructure required)
  • Perform stock checks live on wireless tablet devices
  • New areas of functionality provide a base level entry into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allowing contacts with Customers and Prospects to be recorded and monitored and tasks set for other users to follow up
  • Nesting extended to export data to CNC programming suites for material optimization
  • Re-import the resultant programs and cycles information to allow SFDC control on a program by program basis
  • Sales Invoice electronic export for ‘EDI’
  • Import Sales Forecasts and amalgamate as a single demand for parts ensuring advanced material supply and manufacture for ‘pipeline’ or predicted sales orders
  • Actual orders are ‘netted off’ against the forecast demand with full user control over the timescale of unfilled predictions
  • Multi sales issue function allowing ‘single click’ pick of stock across various ranges
  • Simple update of WO material allocations from modified BOMs
  • Print Release notes with Delivery Notes 
As usual these major developments only form the core of the release.  For full details of how these or other areas of JAVELIN 2013r1 could help your business save time and function more efficiently contact Andy Mills.