Work it out with JAVELIN 2013r2

The latest release of JAVELIN contains some powerful tools for manufacturers of configurable products designed from a number of basic building blocks or operations.  

New functionality includes:

  • JAVELIN Configured Parts allow the Routings and BOMs associated with a particular part or complete assembly structure to be defined using a series of formulae 
  • These formulae can reference Parameters entered against the sales order line (e.g. Length, Height, Color) and Variables associated with Work Centers or Materials (e.g. Cutting Rate, Thickness, Hardness)
  • This same flexibility of unlimited variables has been incorporated into the existing Synthetics formula based calculations which have now been extended beyond the estimating area to allow use of segment definition in routings 
  • All formulae are evaluated during works order creation to provide the actual material and operational requirements for a particular instance of a configured part
  • Whilst the full configuration functionality is an optional module unlimited Variables and Parameters are available as standard, providing an invaluable tool for Crystal Report analysis and customized documentation
Tool Purchasing
  • Miscellaneous Purchase Orders can now be associated with the purchase of tooling or repair / re-calibration of existing tools 
  • Conventional Goods receiving procedures have been integrated to place tools into a ‘Good In’ location ready for relocation / use within the tooling module 
  • Full traceability and visibility of tool orders is available through the tool screens, many of which have been redesigned to show more relevant data and information  
  • A new report allows the cost of tools to be monitored and allows amortization of tooling costs across parts produced using the tool  
Crystal Templates and Reports
  • Sales Pick List has been added as a document option within Document Copy Customization  
  • Copy Customization now allows definition of saved output options for Crystal Templates (Excel, PDF, CSV, etc)   
  • A new utility has been added to allow the easy mass remapping of Crystal reports to the current data base – a boon for anyone writing reports against the demo database before moving to the live data.  Use it when you upgrade to 2013r2
  • New ‘Data Views’ added to assist report writing.  These appear as tables within the Crystal ddf but are actually amalgamated from several tables automatically by the SQL Service making it far easier to produce summary reports.  How many sub reports would it take to see stock, sales orders, purchase orders and works orders for a group of parts.  All this is now available as a single view
Security and Program Access
  • It’s now possible to limit access to the main maintenance programs (Parts, Customers, Supplier, SO, PO, WO, Quotes, Estimates) even when they would be available in query mode via a zoom from another screen.  Simply remove the user’s rights to the associated Hot Key Inquiry and they will no longer be able to access the program from anywhere in the system
  • A similar mechanism prevents viewing of Costing information within the part maintenance screen itself if the user does not have access to the Part Cost History Inquiry
And there's more...
As usual these major developments only form the core of the release.  For full details of how moving to JAVELIN 2013r2 can help you work things out contact Andy Mills.