2014 R1 Release

Automate the mundane & concentrate on the detail with 2014 R1

The latest release of the JAVELIN MRP software contains many features designed to eliminate the more mundane manual tasks currently imposed in some areas of the system, allowing users to concentrate on the more important functions involved in running production.  

Nominal Code Source

Define a hierarchy of defaults and validation rules for Nominal, Cost Center and Department Codes

Call Off POs 

Create a “Call Off” purchase order against an agreed contract period / price.  MRP suggestions will be netted from these PO lines, creating new lines whilst keeping the total supply in balance


Many enhancements to make the status of RFQs clearer along with the ability to raize RFQs against MRP suggestions 


PO Review time frame now customisable on a Supplier by Supplier basis

Part Defaults

Changing Item Type now only changes defaults that have a value

Scrap Management 

“Do Not Assume Over Production is Scrap” customization can now be set at Part level


Single screen Clock in/out function designed to simplify process with single scan of Employee badge into same screen to ‘toggle’ in/out status

JobView Windows Document 

Use Windows Default Application to open attached files without setting up individual viewers. But it’s not all about the mundane – there are a number of enhancements to improve flexibility and functionality:

Batch Sensitive Lead Times 

Lead times of WOs are now calculated using actual cycle times for the Batch Quantity coupled with an additional fixed element via Lead Time Groups which can then be varied manually to cover production bottlenecks

Issue Definition 

Issue definition and the current issue of a part have now been separated as two distinct functions allowing reversion to previous issues and estimating / quoting future issues

Displaced WO Inquiry 

This important scheduling inquiry has been further enhanced with added ranges for Run No, Late Only and Sales Issues (only show WO related to Sales Demand) along with access to MAP (MRP Action Plan) Demand to visualize what consequences the displacement may have