2015 R2 Release

Advanced Scheduling

  • Next Generation Scheduling system
  • Schedules to actual times, not daily capacity
  • Uses Industry Standard ATC Dispatching algorithm with Enhanced Constraints
  • Much more complex than the existing system, but is faster
  • Can currently be run side by side with the traditional Scheduling system.
  • More development to follow, including regenerative Drag/Drop on the Planning and Genetic Algorithms.

Manufactured Sized Parts

  • Handling of sized manufactured parts
  • Definition of WO output in terms of pieces
  • Handling of Outwork for sized parts
  • Mass Contract approval of PNR

Supplier Approval

  • Multiple Approval Qualifiers
  • Suppliers may have 1 or more Approvals, all with Expiry Dates
  • POs may not be raized, or received if the Supplier Approvals have expired
  • New coded field Supplier Status that appears on many Supplier Inquiry screens to help choose appropriate Suppliers

Obsolete Work Centers

  • WC can now be marked as Obsolete
  • Will not appear on Zooms or Planning Board, and warns when you attempt to use one

MRP Suggested Approval

  • Programs rationalized so that PO and WO use the same terminology
  • Action date meaning rationalized


  • Many Entities can now be marked as Favorites (Star Icon)
  • Favorites appear at the top of Selection and Inquiry programs
  • Favorites are stored by USER, so each person can quickly find the items particular to them

Telephone Auto Dial

  • All phone numbers in the system now have a Dial icon next to them (Dial Icon)
  • Clicking on the icon will invoke your TAPI client to dial that number
  • NB A Connected TAPI Client is required
  • Activated by a non-chargeable Module

Pack Handling at Goods Inwards

  • Generate multiple GRNs for single receipt to allow batch identification for component reels, etc.
  • Number to be based on pack size / quantity
  • Rationalize use of Cert Ref across multiple batches
  • Auto Generate cert ref controls

Quote for set of Parts

  • New field on Quote “Summary Quotation”
  • Internal Quote Print will only show the Expected Quantity Break and a Quote Total

Enhanced SFDC Information

  • Call Crystal reports from within the SFDC Work To List, passing source parameters to provision a configurable display of further information regarding Works Orders, Ops or Nests.


  • 128 Barcode Font now automatically installed
  • Manning % now split into Labour and Setup (Sequencer Only)
  • Manning %s new Default Value allowing 0 as an override (Adv Scheduler)
  • Credit Information – Summary Information now always has the ability to display details
  • Narrative Next Numbers now generated in Parallel to prevent record locking and improve speed
  • Employee Absence Import – Allows import of Holidays etc from HR
  • Perpetual Stock Check – Last Checked and Max Parts per count
  • WO Bookings – Zoom to see individual bookings
  • SFDC Materials – Serial Nos now available
  • Intrastat Report – Now a regular report. No longer attempts to replicate the defunct paper return
  • Cure Date and Life Cat – Now definable literals
  • Stock Turnover – New Inquiry and Report
  • “Material Cost Code” renamed to “Additional Invoice Charge”
  • Prospect Import
  • CRM – Date Attribute added