2016 R1 Release

See the bigger picture with JAVELIN 2016r1 Advanced Planning Board

This new interactive tool visualizes the results of the Advanced Scheduling Engine provided in the previous JAVELIN release (JAS), augmenting the ability to plan manufacturing to the second.  But it is much more than just an inquiry screen …

Manual Manipulation

Manual override of operation sequence and positioning is afforded via ‘drag and drop’ of individual ops or reprioritization of complete works orders by removal and automated reloading at specific locations.


Re-sequenced operations can be ‘fixed’ within a work center, or all work centers and other operations re-scheduled after this prioritized load.  Fenced ops will always remain a priority in subsequence runs until removed or completed.

Resource Limitations

Where modeled, the resource limitations imposed by both Cells (typically employees) and / or Tools can be displayed on secondary planning boards to detail the loading in the main board.

Close up or Overview

Additional boards can be opened simultaneously and will interactively update to allow the impact of manipulation in a narrow time window to be viewed across a more expansive time frame or provide a quick overview of potential ‘trouble’ areas to explore more closely.

RADAN Interface

Program nesting has been extended to allow direct interface of the nested operations into JAVELIN’s sister product’s powerful punching and profiling CADCAM package.  Utilizing the integrated sheet optimiser the best material utilization is assessed and if confirmed the part programs are coded ready for downloading into the appropriate machine tool.   Program details are passed back to JAVELIN to allow SFDC booking against individual runs.  JAVELIN can also display the details of the nests and other valuable information generated by RADAN.

MRP Suggestion Approval Rationalization

These screens have been reworked to provide better filtering and information and allow direct confirmation from within the screens.

Suppliers Price Books

Amendment date is automatically updated by any change to qty or price within the record.