2016 R2 Release

A short but sharp interim release in advance of our regular April update, 2016r2 sees the introduction of two new features the development of which was partly funded by a client.  If you would like to see specific advances or functions guaranteed in future releases then please discuss the options for funded development with your Consultant or Account Manager Andy Mills.

Be Strong when others are Weak

 Since its inception, JAVELIN MRP has always been able to link supply to demand of specific sales orders, (and more recently specific sales lines), on a part by part basis.  But what if you want to allocate some supply of a part to one sales order and leave the rest for ‘automatic’ allocation on a first come first served basis?  Up until now that’s not been very practical to achieve, since strong contract parts are always strong contract and must therefore always have contracts associated with any supply.  ‘Weak‘ contract parts have always been treated as ‘None’ contract by MRP, so supply can be mapped to any sales order demand.  You could manually apply specific sales orders to stock, purchase and works orders, but these would be ignored by MRP.

But now the effective contract designation of ‘Weak’ contract parts can be determined by parameters on individual sales orders / lines.  This application applies right down the BOM structure, as far as weak parents linked to weak child levels exist.  Thus it’s now possible to hive off part of the stock for your favourite contract and protect the integrity of supply without tying up surplus to ‘dummy’ contracts.

Mass Stock Transfer

Ever wished there was a way to consolidate all stock of a part into a specific location or move multiple ROOs to a specific contract in a single operation.  Well now you can with this new function.  Simply enter or scan a ROO reference (or Part number for none traceable parts) and all stock for that specific part will be displayed.  You can optionally filter by Store reference and / or Contract.  Now ‘Pick’ multiple records, (your specific reference is selected automatically), manipulating the list until it contains the items you wish to transfer.  Confirm the new location and contract designation and all selected stock details will be re-assigned.  There is even customization to prevent users from changing contracts within this screen if desired.

Whilst these developments form the core of this release there are always other minor changes and improvements in every release.  For full details of how moving to JAVELIN 2016r2 can help you contact Andy Mills