JAVELIN Production Control Software 2020.1 New Release

Advanced Planning Board

JAVELIN Production Control Software 2020.1 New Release

BOM Compare

JAVELIN Production Control Software 2020.1 New Release

Contract Review

JAVELIN Production Control Software 2020.1 New Release


JAVELIN Production Control Software 2020.1 New Release

Trace Button

2020.1 Release

Contract Review

Following on from the NCR development in 2020.0 a new type called Contract has been added to facilitate the Contract Review process. This new type is associated with a Sales Order. There are options available to enforce/warn a valid Contract is assigned/completed before being able to change a Sales Order from Tentative to Active. There is also a Customer Profile Option to force all Sales Orders to be created as Tentative. Along with the functionality to create templates for contract review, assign tasks to users and or groups. This will be of major benefit for companies who do Contract Reviews allowing them to bring that process into Javelin.

Document View

Document View program has been revamped to make it easier to set up and use. Users will be able to drag and drop document file paths. Documents can also be assigned to print on specific printers. When setting up Doc view drive letter are no longer required as UNCs can now be used. All common applications that are associated with opening a document are now automatically chosen replacing the need to make the association manually.

Operation Type

A new works order Operation type has been created which gives the key advantage of being able to trigger material issue for operations other than the first operation. This new op type can be specified against a work center and enables setting the default for Key Op.


Trace buttons have been added to many screens, these are similar to the MAP button but will show the Trace tree from or to the selected item.


By creating a new SQL view combining purchase order lines and purchase order cancellations it is now easier to create purchase order prints that show changes to a purchase order instead of “print as new”. “Print As New” is a now a Parameter sent to Crystal PO Templates.

Also within purchasing there is a new feature that allows prices on open purchase order lines to be updated from price lists if required.


Improvements for Purchase order approval have been made by separating out Supplier Approval and Purchase Order Approval. This means that for changes on purchase orders the PO authorization is only triggered when the PO value changes and the Supplier Approval check will only be triggered for date changes. There is a new option called “Outstanding Value” to allow PO Authorization to use the Outstanding Value rather than Total PO Value.

Bill of Materials

A new inquiry called BOM compare has been created, this will compare the BOM of two part issues displaying the difference. Making BOM comparisons more visual and hence easier. Also BOM Enquiry and Reports now default to only two levels.

Advanced Scheduling

Advanced scheduling has been developed in conjunction with our customer requirements and requests.

Within the advanced scheduling setting there is a new option to prevent Cells from switching between jobs. Essentially meaning that when a operator in a cell starts an operation it will run until complete before moving the operator onto another operation. There are additional options around how to reduce overall lateness or individual lateness. Extending from setting the priority on work orders priory can be set instead using product group or responsibility code. Adv scheduling will now consider the due date and acknowledged date on purchase orders for Outwork/subcontract operations. A log report can be triggered to record all decisions made by ADV and showing the reason behind the decisions with the aim of the user being able to interrogate those decisions. Finally to assist with reporting on capacity, records are now created for zero load period.

Adv Planning Board

Improvements have been made to the Adv planning board including defining the sequence that work centers are displayed on the board. The height of the lines can be resized to optimize the lines displayed and this setting will be retained in subsequent sessions.

The unscheduled operations table now includes the Part no and the columns are sortable. A print button has been added to enable printing of the current view.

Release Notes

Stock that is issued to a single sales order line at one time will now be on the same Release Note.  A new

button has been added to generate a new Release Note if Multi RN functionality is not required.

There is a now a Customer Profile option to force previous functionality ‘Single ROO per RN’