JAVELIN Production Control Software 2021 New Release
JAVELIN Production Control Software 2021 New Release
JAVELIN Production Control Software 2021 New Release
JAVELIN Production Control Software 2021 New Release

JAVELIN 2022.0 Release

The Focus of the JAVLIN 2022.0 release is access to information with a suite of developments and improvements incorporated into the ERP system. In addition, the exploration of incorporating data from Javelin into MS BI offers a myriad of possibilities for data analysis with valuable insights to help drive business change.

Building on the functionality in Advanced scheduling the new development of Conformance to Schedule brings in the ability to measure how well manufacturing are adhering to the schedule.

When an Operation Scheduled on the Work To List is started or processed, the Scheduled Start and End are now recorded. Customization is used to extend this functionality by incorporating operations that should have started or those that due to start within a defined number of hours.

All this data can be viewed within the New Conformance to Schedule Inquiry which displays all operations, their actual start/end, the expected schedule start/end and other pertinent details to assist in monitoring of the accuracy of the planned schedule. With better understanding of where deviations from the schedule occur improvements can be effectively targeted.

With the Advanced Scheduling area Outwork duration can now take into account the Javelin factory calendar, extending the operation duration when spanning closed days. This will improve schedule accuracy especially around bank holiday periods.

The Exit from the European Union has necessitated the addition of more information for users in JAVELIN Version 2022.0.

Where the country of origin of a purchased part is different to the supplier country of origin, this can now be easily handled by specifying the Country of Origin against the Supplier/Part combination. This will then automatically override the Supplier’s Country when a GRN is created.

Declaration Text can now be entered against VAT Categories. This value will default onto Delivery Notes and then onto Invoices.

A new field called Packing Type can now defined with details on weight and dimensions; this can be specified against a Part. When the part is added to a Delivery Note the expected Packing will be defaulted in based on Weight or Pack Qty. The Delivery Note Packing Details are also defaulted onto Invoices.

Within the Delivery and Invoice Maintenance screens the Intrastat tabs have now be renamed to reflect the Export details and give access to the Declaration and Packing information.

The Standard Javelin prints for Invoice and Delivery note contain the declaration and packing information. With the invoice containing an Export summary section.

For customer with the API for WIP bookings, Start and End Jobs can now be recorded and processed individually as normal SFDC start/end logging, enabling greater granularity of data.

Others General Changes and Improvements Include:

The original graphs with JAVELIN have now been replaced with Google Graphs, with a modern look and feel. An internet connection is required to display these graphs.

For users with a telephone application installed their Windows client (internet or softphones installed on their computers) there is now the option to speedily dial phone numbers stored within Javelin. Icons next to the phone numbers will trigger the default pc phone to dial the required number when clicked.

There have been multiple improvements to purchase invoice matching inquiries and reports. There are now additional fields, filters and zooms from selected fields to the relevant inquiry screens. All this helps make these inquiries more informative and export to excel more beneficial.

Employee Maintenance now has the benefit of showing which scheduling cell an employee belongs to, extending where this information can be viewed.

The work center replacement program has been updated with additional options to include or exclude open and closed operations. When a work center is replaced you can choose to exclude the closed ops which means you can easily maintain the history of works order with operations on the old work center.

Greater flexibility over the default PO delivery address as it can now be can now be defined within PO customization, where you can select from the list of own addresses. Prior to this enhancement, the first address in the list would always be the delivery address used.

To help with data integrity an Illegal Character Check has been applied to all key fields. The characters !?*’ will not be allowed to be entered.

Finally, to assist our users to develop greater knowledge and insights from the data stored within JAVELIN several starter MS Power BI templates will be provided in the Templates folder. Covering the areas of Sales, Purchasing, Scheduling Load and SFDC Errors. These templates will be added to and enhanced considerably over the coming months.