JAVELIN 2022.1

With new functionality, screen improvements, and more information integration, the latest release of JAVELIN 2022.1 has plenty to offer users wishing to upgrade their MRP ERP system. Major new enhancements include:

  • New blanket/nett off sales order function
  • Sales and purchase orders e-mails
  • MRP improvements
  • Sales process and information updates
  • Capacity display of load and usage of constraints
  • Production improvements

New Blanket/Nett off Sales Order function

An innovative new process to manage customer contracts has been developed to fill the gap between sales forecasting and sales EDI. The Blanket/Net Off Order functionality enables a customer contract/blanket order to be entered in a tentative form and, as the true demand arises, it can be entered on an active order and netted off from the blanket order.This ensures the overall requirement stays consistent. With a blanket order in place, purchasing and manufacturing can be planned, aiding capacity loadings, and purchasing in economic quantities.

Sales and purchase orders e-mails

Monitoring interactions with customers and suppliers on orders has been enhanced with a new facility to attach emails to purchase order and sales order comments. When initiated, the program scans the user’s inbox or outbox, allowing them to preview and select the required email. The email is then stored in JAVELIN, allowing other users with access to the screen to view the email. In addition, it is possible to create a new email or reply to a stored email. This new functionality assists the organization of relevant emails and promotes sharing of key information with other team members. Furthermore, there is now the option to automatically include other customer and supplier contacts in the CC field when emailing purchase order and sales order acknowledgements from JAVELIN.

MRP improvements

The dates and times when MRP was last run and PO and WO snapshots were created, are now clearly visible on the MRP screens with warning messages when these are out of date. This provides assurance that users are viewing and actioning MRP information based on the most recent data. The MRP Purchase Order Suggestions screen has been updated to make it easier to select a different supplier for PO creation. Additionally, by using the MRP Mapping data, more key information for production is at the user’s fingertips with the earliest Sales Order Due and Promize dates for a Works Order displayed on the Works Order Maintenance and Inquiry screens. There are further improvements to these screens, including an icon for unprinted status and a new range of 'Held’, 'Released’ or 'Both’. The maintenance screen also shows the lead time for the part.

Sales process and information updates

Updates to the sales area include a screen make-over to the sales order schedule process which will speed up entry of order lines, with different parts accessible from the one screen. Analysis of Delivery against Sales Order Due Date is improved with a new inquiry that displays the first and last delivery note for an order line, along with the number of days early/late. Sales Order Reference Date has also been added to several inquiry screens. Additionally, Contract Review now has its own menu and clearer naming to separate it from NCRs.

Capacity display of load and usage of constraints

A significant improvement to the Advanced Scheduling Capacity Used Inquiry is the display of load and usage of constraints for work centers or cells. This means that users can easily identify situations where the load of a resource is limited by the constraints rather than the availability of the resource itself. In addition, the scheduled date feedback screen now has an Inquiry version, allowing a quick and easy comparison of Scheduled End dates with Sales Order Promize dates.

Production improvements

The production documentation print has been substantially improved. With sort options for the output and more selection ranges which will reduce post print sorting and collating time. There is a helpful function to display how many orders will be outputted before committing to print, along with better clarity on printed/unprinted status to reduce the likelihood of printing unwanted documents. There is also an option to re-trigger the print in case of issues with the printer. Subcontract orders now allow changes to the comments, headers and footers on P&R notes which can also be done retrospectively to allow for corrections after processing is complete. When booking scrap and reject parts, users can now force a comment to be entered to ensure relevant information is recorded at the time of the event. Also, recorded defects that are linked to NCRs will show the first Incomplete NCR, if available, or the 1st Complete NCR, with a message to indicate multiple NCRs.

Other items

There are many other improvements to screens and processes that have been made in JAVELIN 2022.1 enhancing the overall user experience, including:

Pre sales

Users can now select the “Method of Manufacture” when creating an estimate from parts.
Users can define default clauses on quotes.
Addition of quote number on sales orders and lines which can be populated via order confirmation or manually.


PO line has tooltip on price that shows the next price break quantity and cost.
Option for each buyer to have a different delivery address.
Purchasing inquiry screens now include PO line numbers and acknowledge/promise dates.
The goods received note print has been included within document copy control giving more flexibility on its output and there is also better process on the storing of goods received.


Users can now keep track of unplanned issues and receipts by enforcing a reason code to be entered at the time of the transaction.


Users can attach a scanned document to a purchase invoice in the PI matching screen.
Ordered price versus invoice price report has an improved selection criteria which enables all variance to be viewed in one go and can be exported to Excel.