The JAVELIN production planning and control software has been developed to be an effective tool for companies working in the aerospace industry and includes industry specific functionality, such as Product Release Approval (FAIRs), Contract Costing & Control, Sales EDI, Purchase Order Authorization, Document Management, Batch Traceability and Part Issue Control.

Other key features:

  • ISO engineering control
  • Environmental Stores
  • Scheduling
  • Factory View
  • MRP
  • Full and detailed traceability of all manufactured and purchased elements
  • Free issue stock control
  • Outwork/subcontract control and scheduling
  • EDI
  • Automatically created C of C
  • Detailed manufacturing instructions
  • PPM reporting
  • Automatic supplier performance recording and reporting
  • Tool and instrument management
  • Purchase order authorization
  • Part issue control
  • Critical action reporting
  • Contract control and reporting
  • Actual and standard costing
  • Employee and resource utilization reporting
  • Manufacturing data pack
  • Variable dimension stock control