April 2010 

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JAVELIN 2010r2
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Welcome to the April Newsletter

I always seem to start our Newsletters off with a snapshot of our economy. Well who would be an economic pundit a few weeks before a General Election, especially one that appears to be the hardest to call for many years?  Best I stick to our own backyard and call what we are confident of predicting at JAVELIN in the coming months.

Our Development team and Consultants are readying the next release of JAVELIN (2010r2) and we start our in-house training over the next two weeks prior to general release. The additional functionality within 2010r2 will shortly be with our Account Manager, Tom McClure so please contact him for details from the end of April.

For those on JAVELIN version 9.0 onwards the launch of our JIMS reports (JAVELIN Informed Management Summary), the on screen management tool, has been very successful and we will gradually increase the number of these ‘dashboard’ summaries over the coming months.  We would be most keen to hear from customers with ideas as to the type of dashboard report they would like to see made available.  Please let us know.  The JIMS reports currently for purchase can be seen on our website. You can access these from the home page under the ‘Explore JAVELIN’ banner.  Does your version of JAVELIN support JIMS reports?  If you have any of the last 10 releases of JAVELIN the answer is YES, i.e. versions 9.0 / 9.1 / 9.2 / 9.3 / 9.31 / 2008r1 / 2009r1 / 2009r2 / 2009r3 and 2010r1.  Again Tom McClure can advize on upgrading your JAVELIN version.

We have come to the end of our planned quarterly Training Programs and are now looking at changing the style of our program delivery.  As such we will shortly be bringing a Training Consultant onboard to assist us in providing a more diverse range of JAVELIN training and also to look at other mediums whereby we can provide information, guidance and instruction to users and managers alike. 

As such we will suspend the next round of training programs whilst we review the options and develop new programs and new methods of delivery.

I would like to thank all those customers that took part in our ‘User Day’ seminars of late.  These days allowed us to reach a wider audience in terms of demonstrating the later functionality in JAVELIN to those customers who were either looking to upgrade or determine whether they were getting the most from their JAVELIN software.  They also served to provide us with valuable feedback on how JAVELIN is being used in diverse industries.

All of us at JAVELIN are enthusiastic about the future of our product and with the feedback from you the customer; the direction we are taking it.  We have some exciting plans in store which we will share with everyone shortly.  JAVELIN and the whole Planit group are confident of moving forward with renewed vigour after the recessionary time we have and are still enduring.  The summer isn’t exactly here yet but there are certainly brighter times ahead.

For more details on Jobshop, JAVELIN, Events, Training and Support, please visit our website

General Manager

JAVELIN 2010r2

Yes it’s that time again, spring has sprung and another new release of JAVELIN is now available.  As usual there are a number of new features, along with improvement and enhancements of existing functionality.  For full details or inquiries about upgrading to this latest version please contact Tom McClure but here’s a brief summary of some of the developments to expect:
Sales Item Attributes
  • Sales Items can now be linked by a set of Primary and Secondary Attributes. These might be unique serial numbers or descriptors of Customer owned equipment or sites. Analysis of sales via these attributes allows tracking of all work performed over a period of time against any one particular attribute.
  • It is now possible to attach external files to individual Works Orders, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Quotes, Estimates, Customers, Suppliers, Work Centers, Employees and GRNs rather than just Part Records.  Particularly useful for Quality information on individual jobs or Contract information on specific sales.
 Purchase Reject Process
  • The purchase reject process has now been speeded by chaining all the phases together so you do not need to choose each process from the menu or enter the same details multiple times
  • Return All to Supplier is a new program to return all outstanding purchase rejects to a supplier in a single process
Factory Modelling
A number of enhancements have been made to the capacity planning data management to provide more efficient setup and ongoing maintenance. 
  • The main screen now displays all modelling information without the need to drill down via buttons
  • Shift Patterns can be named and copied
  • Employee Attendance Patterns can be defined and applied to groups of employees simultaneously – especially useful for sites applying rolling shift patterns
  • Holiday and Sickness Periods can now be entered against Employees rather than defining each day
  • Known closed days are now removed from the Calendar automatically as they are defined without the need to rebuild
Out Standing Delivery MRP Status
  • This is a new MRP based report that shows outstanding SO Lines, the associated MRP Explorer information and Status indicators.  Provides a useful tool for Contract Managers progressing work and identifying holdups. This is a working report based on customer input to date but could still be subject to further development. Suggestions for improvements from potential users are welcomed.
Material Availability Inquiry
  • Additional option within Sales Info Hotkey which gives the earliest possible delivery date for a given quantity of a manufactured part based on material availability, taking current MRP suggestions into consideration. Will only use genuinely free stock, or apply Normal Lead Times where new demand is identified.

JAVELIN Informed Management Systems (JIMS)

Following the recent launch of the JIMS concept via our website a number of JAVELIN clients have taken the opportunity to commission standard dashboards containing some of the graphical displays.  As explained in the launch literature JIMS (JAVELIN Informed Management Summaries) provide a simple and cost effective way of adding real-time visualization of key operating parameters within your business. Those of you that have not visited the MyPlanit section of our Website can do so using the unique user name / password combination originally supplied.  To renew this information or for further access details please contact Mandy Dixon.

This web site also gives you the opportunity to register suggestions for further extensions to the JIMS range.  We will be constantly adding new reports, many based on suggestions made by our user base, so please feel free to contribute ideas.  In other words “tell us what makes your Company tick” and if possible we will add a JIM to monitor it and help you stay on track.



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29/09/10 – 30/09/10 NEC, Birmingham

JAVELIN Green Tip for April 2010

Shelf life control for environmentally sensitive materials monitors product life to within minutes and will adjust automatically when material is exposed to hostile environments, thus ensuring that expensive materials are not left to deteriorate beyond use.

Website Testimonials

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