JAVELIN is ideally suited to manufacturers in the automotive sector due to its comprehensive issue & quality control as well as its ability to deal with EDI & a constantly changing customer demand.

Key features:

  • ISO engineering control
  • Enhanced quality control & MRP
  • Factory view
  • EDI ordering
  • Outwork/subcontract control and scheduling
  • Blanket orders (sales and purchasing)
  • Full and detailed traceability of all manufactured and purchased elements
  • Automatically created C of C
  • Detailed manufacturing instructions
  • PPM reporting
  • Automatic supplier performance recording and reporting
  • Tool and instrument management
  • Purchase order authorization
  • Part issue control
  • Critical action reporting
  • Actual and standard costing
  • Employee and resource utilization reporting
  • Split works orders
  • Forward, backwards and infinite scheduling
  • Consignment stock system
  • BOM offset and safety lead times