Costing Report


Was it worth it?

JAVELIN’s powerful suite of costing functionality provides users with a wide variety of options. These can be based on standard, actual or even forecasted costs. 

Features at a glance:

  • Standard costing for planned/predicted costs before the event
  • Actual costing measurement after the event
  • Contract costing for predicted, committed and actual accumulated cost of long term contracts

Job Costs.  Individual job costs can be determined instantly via screen  inquiries or in report form in real time, with actual costs available for comparison against original estimated figures. Full standard cost roll ups can be computed for single or multi-level BOM at the touch of a button.

Stock & WIP Valuations.  Stock valuations can be compiled at any time to a variety of stock accounting rules, with results based on standard or actual costs.  Work-in-Progress valuations can also be compiled on demand to similar accounting standards.
Cost of Sales.  Comprehensive material and labour tracking procedures enable detailed cost of sales analyses to be undertaken, showing the profitability of individual orders at any stage. 
Reporting & Inquiries.  Powerful reporting and inquiry routines highlight variances in ‘planned’ against ‘actual’ and ‘standard’ against ‘current’ costs.
Contract costing.  The Contract Costing module adds a number of facilities to the JAVELIN system aimed at users handling sales orders for items with long manufacturing cycles or involved in off-site work, particularly in terms of installation operations on customer’s sites.
Accurate Forecasting.  Contract costing capability enables all costs associated with a project to be drawn together in a single location, along with budgets, to enable an accurate forecast of ‘cost to completion’ to be determined at any point. This not only allows potential cost over-runs to be identified and corrected at an early stage, but can be used at the end of the project to ensure all relevant costs have been properly accounted for.
Labour Rates.  Contract costing offers an extension to the labour rates described above, namely the ability to associate different cost rates to a work center, employee or labour grade in relation to the actual time and day the work took place.