CRM Activity Screen

PDFCustomer Relationship Management (CRM) 

Know Your Customers

This element of JAVELIN provides an entry level into the increasingly important area of customer and prospect management.

Features at a glance:

Prospect Database
Prospects allow existing and potential customers to be recorded along with any other contact that may be involved in long running projects (Engineers, Architects, etc.)

Any opportunity to ultimately make a sale can be recorded.  This record can be as extensive as required, with an infinite number of user defined fields added automatically or selectively to suit specific projects.
Details of contacts (i.e. phone calls, conversations and emails) can be registered against prospects, customers, opportunities, quotes and sales orders, all optionally linked to any of the other entities for total cross source analysis.
Actions can be placed against individual users to follow up previous activity or perform future tasks. Email alerts can be sent to users and incomplete tasks are placed on the individual’s ‘To Do’ list, which can be displayed on demand or when they first log in.
Automated Actions
Key business functions (e.g. confirming opportunities, printing quotes, revizing sales orders, etc.) can automatically trigger Activities and Follow Up tasks (e.g. progress the quote).
Definable Business Flow
Intermediate status changes of key entities can also be set to trigger activities. Customisable links between different activities / tasks can be established with definable timescales between each.
Sales campaigns, such as E-shots, exhibitions, etc. can be recorded and activities linked. Activities and Tasks, coupled with status codes, allow the organization of such Campaigns to be monitored and progressed. Initial contacts can be imported en-mass from functions such as external mail shots and subsequent successes (opportunities, quotes or sales orders) registered to allow analysis of effectiveness.
Reports and Inquiries
JAVELIN CRM has been designed with flexible configuration of analysis codes and data to enable individual sites to get to the data that’s important to them.  This data is organized in a logical manner within the SQL database allowing full access via Crystal or any other report generator. However there are a number of master enquires and reports (To Do lists, Project Timeline, Predicted Work Value, etc.) included as part of the functionality to allow most simple interrogation (and some complex) to be performed directly.