New Functionality in JAVELIN 2011r2

Click on the images below to see what's new in JAVELIN 2011r2.

Amortize the labour and setup times against a nest. Giving you truer timings against the operations.

Want to know what is happening on the shop floor at a glance? Then factory view is the answer.

RFQ allows quotes to be sent to suppliers. The quote that is to be used can then be updated into a purchase order. 

Printed the wrong date on an invoice, you are now in control.

MAP – MRP Action Plan. Based on MRP data this offers the ability to see the flow of parts throughout the system. MAP displays where the part is required and how and where the part is being supplied. 

Transport times can now be assigned to the customer, this is then used to automatically calculate the promised date on the sales order. Another new feature is the customer part descriptions allowing the sales order to be more customer defined.