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December 2013

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Welcome to the December Newsletter

With Christmas just around the corner and the end of another year in sight, we can comfortably look back on 2013 as a good year for business and a good year for positioning ourselves for further product development and enhancements. 

Two well received new releases, an increase in new business generation and our best attended Customer Event at Bosworth Hall rounded off a busy but satisfying year for us.   

Now looking towards to 2014, we shall be upgrading our Development platform shortly and will be increasing our programming capacity.  We also have some exciting developments in the pipeline.  

Thank you all for your continued support this year and we look forward to working with you in 2014. 

General Manager

Automate the mundane & concentrate on the detail with JAVELIN 2014r1

The latest release of the JAVELIN MRP software contains many features designed to eliminate the more mundane manual tasks currently imposed in some areas of the system, allowing users to concentrate on the more important functions involved in running production.  
New functionality includes:
Nominal Code Source
Define a hierarchy of defaults and validation rules for Nominal, Cost Center and Department Codes
Call Off POs 
Create a “Call Off” purchase order against an agreed contract period / price.  MRP suggestions will be netted from these PO lines, creating new lines whilst keeping the total supply in balance
Many enhancements to make the status of RFQs clearer along with the ability to raize RFQs against MRP suggestions 
PO Review time frame now customisable on a Supplier by Supplier basis
Part Defaults
Changing Item Type now only changes defaults that have a value
Scrap Management 
“Do Not Assume Over Production is Scrap” customization can now be set at Part level
Single screen Clock in/out function designed to simplify process with single scan of Employee badge into same screen to ‘toggle’ in/out status

JobView Windows Document 
Use Windows Default Application to open attached files without setting up individual viewers

But it’s not all about the mundane – there are a number of enhancements to improve flexibility and functionality:
Batch Sensitive Lead Times 
Lead times of WOs are now calculated using actual cycle times for the Batch Quantity coupled with an additional fixed element via Lead Time Groups which can then be varied manually to cover production bottlenecks
Crystal Templates 
Document copy customization extended to provision Nest Summary sheet, Release and Despatch Labels 
Issue Definition 
Issue definition and the current issue of a part have now been separated as two distinct functions allowing reversion to previous issues and estimating / quoting future issues
Displaced WO Inquiry 
This important scheduling inquiry has been further enhanced with added ranges for Run No, Late Only and Sales Issues (only show WO related to Sales Demand) along with access to MAP (MRP Action Plan) Demand to visualize what consequences the displacement may have
To view screen shots click here

Annual Customer Event 

It was great to meet so many customers at last months Annual Customer Event in Bosworth.  
It was certainly one of our best attended events to date and there was a real buzz in the air.
On the day there were presentations, static displays and demonstrations all to provide a broad platform of information in order to convey how we have developed our product and those areas in which we plan to continue advancing the system.

Crystal Training Courses 

We are pleased to announce some more dates for the ever popular Introduction to Crystral training course along with dates for the NEW Level 2 Crystal training course.
The Level 2 course is open to anyone who has previously attended the Introduction to Crystal training.  
Introduction to Crystal Reports:
Tuesday 14th January 2014
Level 2 Crystal Reports:
Thursday 23rd January 2014
To book click here

Social Media & Partners

We are just realizing the business potential that can be gained from Social Media activity, here's how you can get involved too. 
Linked In - We have set up a 'group' called JAVELIN Software, a networking group for customers and partners to share industry knowledge on manufacturing processes.  Join this group by clicking the link above to keep up to date with JAVELIN announcements and manufacturing news.  We will also share your news stories so join this group now!
Twitter - Follow us @JAVELINJobshop and we will follow you back, another great way to keep up to date.
Facebook -  'Like' our page and let us have your facebook link and we will like you back!  Our page contains industry news, latest release info and much more.
JAVELIN Partners & Industry Links -  Visit our new web page and if you would like to appear on it please send us your logo and a short synopsis of your business.  All we ask in return is that you mention us on your website and link back to us.
We recommend all our customers get involved because 'this is the future'! So when you are up and running send all your links by email to Mandy Riley