Minimum Hardware Requirements - Jobshop 2010r2

The specification below details the requirements to run Jobshop only. Any other applications using the same server will need to be taken into account in addition to the Jobshop requirements.

This minimum hardware specification does not imply any particular system performance level, for optimum performance we recommend maximizing your hardware configuration.

A fully functioning network consisting of a server connected to one or more workstations with all network components operating at 100Mbps is required.

Minimum Server Requirements

Operating System Hardware Network


Running Pervasive v10.30:
32bit or 64bit

Windows 2003 Server SP1 or 
higher including RC2

Windows 2008 Server


Internet Explorer 6 or higher



At least a 1.2GHz Processor
Recommended minimum 2Gb RAM
32bit or 64bit processor

We recommend that MS Exchange not
be installed on the Jobshop Server due
to possible memory constraints – please
contact our office if you require further

Network Card operating at 100 Mbps

Disc Space requirements:
Jobshop / Pervasive Installation – 1Gb
Jobshop Data – allow 1Gb per year




Network protocol 
CAT 5 Cabling

Minimum Workstation Requirements

Operating System Hardware

Running Pervasive v10.30:
32bit only

Windows XP Professional SP2 
or higher

Windows Vista

Windows 7

At least a 1GHz Processor
Recommended minimum 1Gb RAM

Screen Resolution 1024 x 768
(17” Monitor recommended)

Network Card operating at 100 Mbps

Please Note:

Jobshop versions prior to 2008r1 are not supported on Vista.
Jobshop versions prior to 2010r1 are not supported on win7.
Jobshop versions prior to 2010r2 are not supported on client PCs running 64bit windows.
Exchequer accounts links in Jobshop v9.30 onwards are only supported with Exchequer v5.71.317(e) onwards.
Internet access to the server and workstations is required to allow full Jobshop support and Pervasive license registration.
Go To Assist is now used as standard by our helpdesk. PC Anywhere is no longer supported.
Jobshop can be configured to run via Terminal Services – please contact our office for further details.
Jobshop is not supported in a virtual server environment.