January 2011 

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Online Training
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Welcome to the January Newsletter

2011 already!!  We can reflect back to 2010 with some sense of achievement – even if we say so ourselves.   Our Development team worked hard to delivery our first JAVELIN version (JAVELIN’s first MS SQL release) in time for the annual conferences in October.  As a result we now have several users on this system and we are pushing forward with the next release (2011r2) in time for April.  To put 2010 into context, we saw an uptake in new business inquiries and installations.  Whether there is a higher degree of confidence in the market place or our new market strategy is bearing fruit is debateable, but whichever it is we are seeing an increase in overall business from this time last year.

With two releases a year we have not only set ourselves a challenging development program but one in which we believe demonstrates our commitment to  having continually improving releases available as well as versions that include customer specified functionality.  We are confident that this year we can continue to unlock the opportunities that having an MS SQL database provides.
With the market appearing to recover slightly we have taken the decision to hold our prices steady again for 2011.  We have experienced an increase in some of the third party software we provide and these ‘costs’ have had to be passed on to our customers; but the JAVELIN/JAVELIN prices have again been frozen.
Looking at an upgrade?  Whether you came to one of our seminars last October where we demonstrated the latest JAVELIN version or are at the point where you think the move to a later JAVELIN version is due; please feel free to contact your Account Manager – Tom McClure to discuss your needs and identify what the process is.  Tom can provide details on what you would need to bring your system up to date and what exactly is in the later versions compared to the one you currently operate.  
For more details on Jobshop, JAVELIN, Events, Training and Support, please visit our website

General Manager

Online Training

The last newsletter mentioned the inroads we were making in the development of Training programs. The new online (e-learning) training will allow trainees to access online lessons covering the key elements (processes and screen shots) of the chosen course.  These lessons are in a presentation and video format and are accompanied by a user guide that becomes available to download.
In the forthcoming months we will be announcing the following courses available online:
  • Base Data
  • New Users
  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales Orders
  • Works Orders
  • Stock Inventory
Here is an example of how the Base Data course will be structured online:
Introduction to Base Data
Static Data
Part Maintenance
Part Issue
ISO Control
The benefits of e-learning compared to the standard classroom or onsite format is that the trainees can take the lessons at their own pace and even retrace their steps.  Access to a lesson is available for several days so the trainee can stop the lesson and restart from the point they left off.  Tests will be introduced at the end of a course, this is to validate that the trainee has understood the information given.  Upon completion of the course and test the trainee will be issued with a certificate.
If you would like to discuss any training requirements that you may have or if you would like further information on the e-learning courses please contact Chris O’Mara, Training & Implementation Consultant.


Southern Manufacturing 2011 Exhibition: Stand B54
16/02/11-17/02/11 Aerospace Boulevard, Farnborough
Aero Engineering 2011 Exhibition: Stand 502
09/11/11 - 10/11/11 NEC, Birmingham

JAVELIN Green Tip for January 2011

Graphical displays such as the emerging JIMS technology provide a quick overview of JAVELIN data without the need for masses of printed reports.  They are quicker to assess and are always up to date.

Website Testimonials

If you would like to provide a testimonial for our website we will publish it and make reference to your name and link back to your website, which will help you with your Google ratings!  email Mandy Riley.