JAVELIN Latest Release | 2015 R2

Make every second count with JAVELIN 2015r2 Advanced Scheduler

Real Time Recognition

Whilst the original scheduler metered capacity in ‘daily buckets’ JAS works with real time frames. (To the Nano second and beyond apparently).  This means the schedules produced are absolutely achievable rather than an approximation of what should happen within a day.

Operation Sequence

Rather than processing all operations within a works order ‘back to back’ JAS loads ops across all WIP individually, in the most appropriate priority.  This priority is continually recalculated during the process using an industry standard Dispatching algorithm based on a principle known as Apparent Tardiness Cost (ATC).   This orders the operations available to load at any point into a sequence based on their individual urgency in order to minimize the overall lateness of works orders.

Modular Construction

JAS has been designed to allow future expansion / configuration utilizing different algorithms which will be developed to suit specific business models.


In most cases JAS will perform far quicker than the original scheduling engine allowing more options for What If scenarios.

Familiar Setup and Results

The key data for planning remains largely unchanged, as does the definition of capacity and rules of engagement – although this approach will not support the outmoded Backward Scheduling function.  The results are presented in the same reports, charts and planning board as previous versions, although there are enhanced statistics available regarding overall scheduling performance and optimization of the capacity.

Enhanced Constraints

Similarly all of the original additional constraints such as employee availability and tool restrictions can be applied.  JAS also handles the increasingly popular Static and Program Nesting facility far better than the original scheduling engine.

Feedback and Future Developments

Like all parts of the system we welcome feedback and as such both scheduling engines remain in this release for easy comparison.  Future developments are likely to revolve around the presentation of scheduling results and user’s input is vital to this process.

But that’s not all ….

As you can appreciate the major effort in finalizing JAS as a releasable module has taken much of our development resource.  Even so 2015r2 does have other additions:

Manufactured Sized Parts

Sized Parts, area or length based items, have previously been reserved for raw materials.  However they can now be manufactured under works order control, allowing any number of size related pieces to be generated from a single works order.  Particularly useful for sites de-coiling or cutting standard sheet sizes.

Supplier Approval

Define multiple Approval Qualifiers and associated with specific Suppliers.  Each association will have an specific Expiry Date which must be renewed if the Supplier is to continue to be a valid option within a Purchase Order or Receipt.

Obsolete Work Centers

Flag Work Centers to remove them from zoom selection and Planning Board display.

Telephone Auto Dial

With this optional (free) module active all displayed telephone numbers will have the    icon adjacent to the field.  This will activate your TAPI client (connected client required) to dial the number.

Pack GRNs

Generate multiple GRNs / batches at goods inwards utilizing the pack qty input.  This will aid batch traceability where unique packs (coils, reels, pallets, etc.) are consumed across multiple operations.

Stock Turnover

New Report and Inquiry to identify redundant / slow moving stock

Enhanced SFDC Information

Call Crystal reports from within the SFDC Work To List, passing source parameters to provision a configurable display of further information regarding Works Orders, Ops or Nests.

As usual these developments only form the core of the release.  For full details of how moving to JAVELIN 2015r2 can help you contact Andy Mills