March 2013

Introduction - Paul Holmes
New Sales Executive - Dean Tuppin
New Functionality - CRM
Recommend a Friend

Welcome to the March Newsletter

As the snow slowly recedes from our office door we can hopefully look forward to increased temperatures ahead, matching the increase in the take up of our latest version of JAVELIN. 

As promised in the last newsletter 2013r1 hit the streets in October.  A number of sites have upgraded already and these, along with several new installations, are now reaping the benefits of some of the improvements and additions. Particularly well received has been the new CRM functionality, allowing contact with both Prospects and existing Customers to be recorded and integrated with Quote activity.  The improved sales issue process, based around the concept of multiple issues within a single screen, has also been a hit with sites involved in making a large number of despatches in a day.  A few sites are experimenting with the new wireless devices links allowing store movements to be controlled via handheld barcode readers.  Our pilot client for this major development has already recovered their initial hardware investment by the cost savings in material handling on their new site.
But as usual we have a host of ‘new stuff’ in the pipeline.  The next release, 2013r2, is due out in April and will contain a very powerful configuration module allowing BOMs and Routes to be generated via formulae driven by parameters entered against each sales item.  This will be a boon to manufacturers of ‘one offs’ that can be classified into broad categories where operation times and material quantities can be ‘parameterized’ into a common set of rules.  In fact the functionality will only be limited by the imagination of the engineer entering the JAVELIN data, since the number of parameters and formulae that can be involved is practically unlimited.
Also in the pipeline are enhancements to the Tool module to cover purchasing and costing, improved scheduling interface and results interrogation, automated collection of key data feedback and true serial number mapping and traceability through multiple quantity works orders.  
In conclusion the development diary is pretty full – but we’re always open to suggestions from our user base – please!
We have a new edition to our team this month.  Dean Tuppin joins the Sales department looking at ‘new business’ activities.  Dean has an MRP background as well as business development and marketing skills.  
For our existing customers, Andy Mills continues to provide the first port of call for any upgrade information, licensing issues or general account assistance in his role as Accounts Manager.  
Of course we continue to provide training courses and programs whether it be at customer site, on-line or at our Enderby offices.  We welcome any inquiries you may have in this area. 
For more details on JAVELIN, Events, Training and Support, please visit our Website. 

General Manager

New Sales Executive - Dean Tuppin 

I am pleased to announce the arrival of Dean Tuppin, who recently joined JAVELIN to work with our sales team and add an additional dimension to our new business activities. 
Dean is from a sales background and has worked within the IT software solutions arena, where he has amassed over 15 years’ experience selling finance, supply chain management and manufacturing software solutions across a variety of industries and to businesses ranging in size from small owner run operations to large blue chip multinationals.
Dean also has experience within the SME sector providing retail services from his home town of Coventry. 
He is looking forward to the challenge and adding more accounts to our already impressive customer base.

New Functionality - CRM (Customer Relationship Management) 

In December last year we emailed you with the highlights of our latest release 2013r1!  This release sees the new CRM functionality.
This element of JAVELIN provides an entry level into the increasingly important area of customer and prospect management.
Features at a glance:
  • Simple, intuitive functionality
  • Link prospects, quotes, customers and sales orders
  • Action logs and follow up 
Prospect Database.  Prospective customer details are kept separately from current trading customers. 
Contacts.  Details of contacts (i.e. phone calls and conversations) can be registered against prospects or customers and optionally linked to quotes and sales orders.
Actions.  Actions can be placed against individual users to follow previous contacts or actions. Email alerts can be sent to users.  
Automated Actions.  Key business functions (i.e quote printing) can automatically raize follow up actions (e.g. progress the quote).  
Definable Business Flow.  Customisable links between actions with definable timescales can be established.  

'Recommend a Friend'

We frequently receive requests from prospect customers to demonstrate our system as a result of an introduction or recommendation from an existing client.  I would like to make this a little more formal and state that any recommendation from a customer that brings about a new client would be remunerated as a means of our appreciation. Thank you for your assistance in this area.