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PDFMaterials Control

Complete traceability from start to finish

This key element within JAVELIN provides visibility of stored materials and components. It links to all transactions generated by other functions within JAVELIN  (purchases, sales, WIP) facilitating full traceability for quality and costing purposes. 

Features at a glance:

  • Full traceability from purchase order to sales invoice
  • Multi-store location management
  • Supports perpetual inventory
  • Supports controlled environment materials

Quality and Costing Traceability.  Quality and costing traceability of purchased, manufactured and free issue items is inherent within the core system.

Certificate of Conformity.  Part traceability can incorporate issue control and design change control to ISO standard providing Certificate of Conformity based data at despatch of finished items.
Multi-Store Location.  Complete multi-store location management, with row and bin identification, are provided as standard, along with quarantine, consignment and environment controlled stock location functionality. 
Perpetual Inventory.  JAVELIN supports perpetual inventory providing stock check facilities with varying count frequency set on a part by part basis.
Trial Kitting.  Trial kitting capabilities enable potential shortages to be identified and the maximum potential yield from existing stock or individual batches to be determined.
Sized Parts Facility.  Sized parts facility allows an additional level of stock information for length or area orientated parts (bar, sheet, coil) providing details of the number of pieces at specific dimensions.
Multiple Consignment Stores.  JAVELIN supports multiple consignment stores which can be allocated to individual customer sites.
Controlled Environment.  Shelf life of materials sensitive to their environment (e.g. composites) is automatically reduced when transferred outside an environmentally controlled store.
Mobile JAVELIN.  Allows for stock movements and validation via hand-held mobile devices utilizing barcode scanning technology.