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Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

What you need, when you need it

MRP is the secret of “Just in Time” (JIT) manufacturing, minimizing stock and work in progress. 

Features at a glance:

  • Balance supply of all parts with demand
  • Approval of recommendations to raize works or purchase orders
  • Allows for rapid response to customers changes in demand

Precize Control.  JAVELIN’s advanced MRP provides precise control of all supply operations. It addresses all demand, including minimum stock levels, although parts can be excluded where required; by store, consignment supply and bulk issue.  

Lead Time Monitoring.  Parts are monitored against normal lead times to generate action dates for each suggestion, meaning long lead time items are dealt with promptly.
Convenient.  MRP can be scheduled to run at any time as it does not require the exclusive use of the database.
Part Specification.  Lead times, safety lead times, minimum stock levels, batch quantities, minimum quantities and maximum quantities can all be specified on a part by part basis.
Forward Ordering.  The forward ordering facility allows automated transfer of items ordered for specific contracts to alternative contracts.
MAP Function.  JAVELIN incorporates an extremely powerful “MAP” function (MRP Action Plan) which is accessible throughout the system. This new feature shows all links in the MRP generated demand structure and enables any recommended action to be interrogated and verified on a multi-level basis. 

Minimize Stock, Improve Cash Flow.  An offset function allows individual materials to be called in at various stages of a works order cycle, therefore further minimizing stock and improving cash flow.

Forecast Reconciliation.  Addresses demand for components and materials generated from imported sales forecasts.  Reconciles "real" sales orders against forecast.


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