JAVELIN 2015r1 JAVELIN 2015r1 JAVELIN 2015r1 JAVELIN 2015r1 JAVELIN 2015r1 JAVELIN 2015r1 JAVELIN 2015r1

JAVELIN’s Powerful New CRM Module Maximizes Sales

JAVELIN production control system’s 2015r1 release contains a powerful new Customer Relationship Management option aimed at helping manufacturers maximize sales.

Consultant Ian Cartwright says it is much more focused on converting opportunities with prospects and existing customers into a sales order than conventional CRM systems. “Elephants never forget. And neither will employees using JAVELIN 2015r1’s CRM option.”

While previous releases have had basic functionality for recording contact with customers and prospects, the new module provides the means to register all opportunities for additional work and to follow it through with a series of tasks and automated triggers.

Customer and prospect activity management is controlled through a number of key features.

Prospect Database: This allows existing and potential customers to be recorded, along with other contacts who may be involved with long-running projects, such as engineers and architects.

Opportunities: Any opportunity to ultimately make a sale can be recorded; the record is as extensive as required, with an infinite number of user-defined fields added automatically or selectively, to suit specific projects.

Activities: Details of communications such as phone calls, conversations and emails can be registered against prospects, customers, opportunities, quotes and sales orders, all optionally linked to any other part of the CRM system, for total cross-source analysis.

Ian Cartwright says: “The activities log is the glue holding the entire module together, as activities can be tasked to individual employees, and link any kind of information – external files, CAD drawings, pdfs – so there’s a full history of everything that takes place regarding prospects, opportunities, quotes and sales orders.

“The system has some key trigger points. For example, entering an opportunity automatically triggers an activity such as a task for someone to follow it up. Raizing a quotation can trigger a task for a named employee to progress it, and follow it through with the prospect. This is a key aspect of the CRM module – ensuring employees never forget to pursue an opportunity.”

Email alerts can be sent to users tasked with these actions, and incomplete tasks are placed on the individual’s ‘To Do’ list, displayed on demand, or when they log in. Key business functions, such as confirming opportunities, printing quotes and revizing sales orders, can also automatically trigger activities and follow-up tasks.  

Campaigns: Eshots, exhibitions and other sales campaigns can also be recorded and their activities linked. “Initial contacts can be imported en-masse from activities such as external mailings, and the resulting opportunities, quotes and sales orders registered for analysis.”

JAVELIN CRM has been designed with flexible configuration of data and analysis codes, making it easy for individual users to readily access specific data that is important to them, via Crystal, or any other report generator. “However, a number of master inquiries and reports, such as to do lists, project timelines, predicted work and value, can be performed simply and directly.”

As well as the full CRM suite option, JAVELIN 2015r1 also has a number of new and enhanced items available for all users. A new planning board on the back of the scheduling function improves drag and drop, and a new drill-down feature shows all operations on a particular center.

A new multi-line quote confirmation allows up to 9,999 lines on a quote to be converted into sales order lines in one operation.

An improvement to the sized part nesting function means that every sized part no longer has to be processed individually when issuing material to a nest. Users now specify the material for issuing and the material to be returned to the stores as offcuts. “It’s become a simple ‘pick and poke’ material issue function that logically amortizes the material over the nest, and returns the desired offcuts in a single action,” says Ian Cartwright.


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