October 2010 

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Welcome to the October Newsletter

With night’s drawing in and having to travel to work in the dark I think we can safely assume that winter is just around the corner and the office air conditioning is about to give way to the central heating.  Don’t mention the number of shopping days ‘til Christmas….

But to matters in hand; we have just completed our two annual Customer Events, this year held in Leeds and Swindon and we welcomed several new faces who came to our presentations for the first time. The showcase part of the event was the official launch of JAVELIN.  JAVELIN is the name we have given to our latest release 2011r1.  This is JAVELIN’s MS SQL version and marks a significant step along our development route as outlined at last year event and we are confident it will compliment the ongoing needs of our customers base. This ‘relational database’ platform will provide us with additional scope for future development and further integration with other software tools.   (MS SQL is often available as a free download or rolled into MS server operating systems).  Having launched, officially last week, I am pleased to say the take up has been swift and the first of several planned installations of JAVELIN begins this week.
For those who could not attend the customer events we will be posting details of the same on our website shortly and we will send you the link that will allow to you to view the key presentations.  If anyone requires further details of JAVELIN please contact your Account Manager, Tom McClure.
Another key focus of the customer event day was the news of the new training programs being developed and the new delivery mechanisms we will be putting into effect in the next 2/3 months.  Our new Training Consultant will shortly roll out a host of new programs for the classroom and on-site delivery.  This will shortly be followed by their transition to an on-line delivery program, whereby we will provide a mechanism for those who wish to take training to participate from their own offices, in their own time and test themselves after taking the courses.  Details will be advized as soon as these programs are complete.
Having launched JAVELIN we are not resting on our laurels. Development is under way to capitalize on the MS SQL opportunities now available to us and we stay on course to provide 2011r2, the next release of JAVELIN in April 2011.  As reiterated at the customer events, we are keen to hear from our customers as to what direction and what functionality you would like to see contained in the standard system.  Our ‘Roadmap’ is a fluid document that is constantly updated and we welcome ideas that would contribute to the eventual look and feel of future development.
For more details on Jobshop, JAVELIN, Events, Training and Support, please visit our website

General Manager

JAVELIN Development

Release 2011r1 see’s some radical changes to both the name and inner workings of the JAVELIN software.  Not only the name (JAVELIN) but, after 20 year of running with Btrieve (former name for Pervasive) database, we have finally thrown in our lot with Microsoft and moved to their SQL database. .  However it’s not all behind the scenes stuff, we have still managed to add some useful functionality.  Full details can be obtained from your account manager Tom McClure but here are just a few of the highlights:
ISO Approved Part Control
This switchable option locks down critical Part, BOM and Routing information and prevents unauthorized changes.  When changes are made a complete history of who, what and when is generated automatically.
Project Log
Initially developed to assist our in-house testing prior to JAVELIN’s release this handy function has now become part of the standard system.  Users can register queries and questions against specific programs in a central file accessed by the context sensitive Ctrl-J key combination.  The site administrator or implementation team can monitor and add responses.  These queries and responses can remain on the system for as long as required, building into a FAQ library for future users of the functions.
In a similar vein Ctrl-W will trigger the JAVELIN version of a Wiki – a central deposit for user knowledge.  Filed against the specific program the WYSIWYG rich text memo can be utilized to provide site specific procedural information ‘online’.
Serial Number Generation
Adding sequential serial numbers no longer requires the user to type each number.  All points of entry now have a ‘generate’ button which will automatically add serial numbers to the list.  These numbers can be prefixed with the ROO ref or any other combination of charac ters desired and existing numbers are ‘skipped’ automatically, allowing the same range to be generated over a number of receipts.
Partial GRN Inspection
Waiting for Goods Inwards Inspection of a complete delivery is now a thing of the past.  The re-designed screen allows the GRN qty to be split into rejects, good items and items still to be inspected thus facilitating immediate storing and use of the good items as soon as they have cleared inspection without having to wait for the balance.  And for good measure we have added a quick link to supplier returns for the rejects in line with the streamlining of this process developed in 2010r2.
We plan to have a link to the Customer Seminar presentations available on our Website shortly.  Those customers that could not attend the annual seminars will be able to see the presentations in an on-line format.


Southern Manufacturing 2011 Exhibition: Stand B54
16/02/11-17/02/11 Aerospace Boulevard, Farnborough

JAVELIN Green Tip for October 2010

If you require a permanent record of printed documents consider using the automatic PDF generation built into the print options.  Images of Purchase Order, Sales Invoices etc can now all be generated and stored for retrieval any time, just by choosing the correct print options. 

Website Testimonials

If you would like to provide a testimonial for our website we will publish it and make reference to your name and link back to your website, which will help you with your Google ratings!  email Mandy Riley.