Productive Hour Comparison Report

In order to quickly identify progress each summary figure is shown in green or red dependant on whether it is greater or less than the same position in the previous week or month.  This is further reinforced by the direction and color of the accompanying arrow.  The summary for the previous comparative figure is also displayed at the beginning of each arrow.

For the purposes of this comparison the beginning of the week is assumed to be 00:00 Monday thus the weekly summary will only include Saturdays and Sundays if viewed on a Saturday or Sunday. However since all productive hours within the range are processed weekend working is included in the Monthly summary if appropriate.

Booking cancellations made within the date ranges are subtracted from the totals.

Note: This is a twin module JIM, taking twice the screen width of its standard cousins. (Most monitors will display 4 x 3 modules comfortably without the need to scroll)

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