Purchase Order

PDFPurchase Orders

Buy smart, buy right

JAVELIN Purchase Order Processing provides a comprehensive set of tools to ensure total control of purchasing functions within a manufacturing or assembly environment.  It enables purchase order progressing, so that timely availability of all bought-in materials, components and sub-assemblies can be assured. 

Features at a glance:

  • Communicate requirements to suppliers
  • Monitor vendor performance
  • Progress purchase orders
  • Update costs
  • Populate stock
  • Request for quotations (RFQ) to cover new requirements

Multiple Currencies.  The system accommodates multiple  currencies and covers everything from consumables and sub-contract work to user-definable goods inwards and inspection procedures. 

MRP Integration.  Integration with the powerful MRP functions enables quick and easy creation or modification of purchase orders. 
Comprehensive Database.  JAVELIN maintains a comprehensive database of suppliers along with their capabilities and approval level plus a cross-reference of parts to suppliers and their part references/prices.
Vendor Analysis.  JAVELIN allows analysis of vendor performance including price, quality and delivery. 
Accounts Links.  Reconciliation of goods received against supplier invoice provides full traceability of cost.  Integrated links and interfaces to best-of-breed accounting systems minimize administrative input and improve operational efficiency.
Progress Review Notes.  Progress review notes are available to all users with access to the system, providing up to date information where needed thus minimizing disruption to purchasing staff.
Customisable Documents.  Document layout is fully customisable and copies can be faxed or emailed to suppliers further streamlining purchasing operations. 
Comprehensive Routines.  Comprehensive goods inwards routines allows definition of documentation and inspection procedures associated with each purchased item.
Extensive Returns Procedures.  Extensive goods returns procedures automatically create relevant documentation and provide full returns and reject reporting.
Blanket Orders.  JAVELIN easily accommodates blanket orders, as well as free-issue parts and subcontract work - generating full documentation and maintaining complete traceability throughout. 
PO Linking.  Purchase orders can be linked to an associated contract and expenditure can be closely controlled by setting purchase authorization limits for individual buyers. JAVELIN facilitates precise monitoring and control through its extensive range of reports.
Request for Quotation.  Requests for quotation can be raized for multiple parts against multiple suppliers. Feedback against RFQs can be monitored with the optimum supply solution being converted to a purchase order generating the supplier part record if required.