Planning Board


Order out of chaos

JAVELIN provides powerful ‘What if?’ finite and infinite integral scheduling capabilities. The same work load can be tested using varied scenarios and manufacturing rules and the results compared either graphically or in tabular form. Based on users’ definition of their own manufacturing facilities (factory model), the system provides the key to minimizing Work-in-Progress, cutting lead times and improving delivery performance as well as reducing costs.

Features at a glance:

  • Comprehensive scheduling without the need for importing or exporting data
  • Infinite or finite capacity scheduling
  • “What if” scenarios

Planning Board.  The system’s graphical planning board allows the progress of each job to be monitored in real time. Its ‘drag and drop’ functionality enables users to fine tune the scheduling output and produce new ‘work-to’ lists instantly, without running a complete schedule. A series of key reports enables JAVELIN to compile ‘work-to’ lists capable of delivering optimum throughput against required dates.

Maximum Production Efficiency.  Production bottlenecks can be easily identified and quantified, with alternative corrective actions planned and modeled off-line to ensure maximum production efficiency.
Job Re-Routing.  The system’s flexibility permits critical path routes to be identified and any jobs forecast as overdue to be immediately highlighted for re-sequencing or re-routing.
Independent Scheduling.  JAVELIN enables machines and/or labour to be scheduled independently to suit a variety of manufacturing and production cell operations.
Defined Shift Patterns.  Shift patterns may be defined for nominated machines or groups of operators. In addition, alternative shift patterns may be specified to allow scheduling to consider overtime working options. Special tooling may also be defined as a constraint within JAVELIN to ensure its availability for specific operations.
Capacity Planning.  Capacity ‘pre-allocated’ to tentative orders or sales orders yet to be released into production is easily determined and accounted for.
Forwards/Backwards Scheduling.  The system’s ability to compare finite and infinite capacity plans enables users to quickly and accurately assess capacity status. Forward and backward scheduling options are available, with simple manual over-ride of scheduling results, if needed.
Internal Scheduling.  Unlike many systems, JAVELIN undertakes internal scheduling without any additional importing or exporting of data for assured accuracy of results.
Move Work Automatically.  JAVELIN enables work to be switched automatically from fully loaded machines to ones with spare capacity, or to sub-contractors, as appropriate. Standard shift patterns can be automatically taken into account when scheduling machine set-up operations.
Family Groupings.  Family groupings allow jobs with common set-up or other manufacturing characteristics to be processed together for maximum production throughput. Commonality of material in works orders are easily identified as another option to reduce set up times within the schedule.
Operation Overlapping.  Overlapping operations can be defined and planned to enable lead times to be minimized on large batches or extended runs.