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PDFShop Floor Data Capture (SFDC)

Real time data for real time decisions

Shop Floor Data Capture provides users with accurate Work-in-Progress and costing information, while simultaneously minimizing administrative input and clerical errors. Data is input using Shop Floor based data capture PCs optionally equipped with bar code readers and touch screens.

Features at a glance:

  • Real time feedback of production progress
  • Full visibility and management of shop floor activity
  • Time and attendance facilities
  • Non productive monitoring
  • Dynamic nesting of multiple operations

Dynamic/Static Nests.  Operations can be grouped either in a predefined static nest or dynamically at the SFDC terminal allowing time and material consumption to be amortized automatically over all operations within the group.

Automatic ‘Clocking Off’.  The system caters for booked or assumed work breaks, and provides automatic ‘clocking-off’ based on defined shift patterns.
Complete VISIbility.  Shop floor supervisors have complete visibility of up-to-the-moment information, with inquiry screens providing current activity of employees and work centers. 
Work To Lists.  Work to lists provided by scheduling can be displayed and utilized for operation bookings ensuring production facilities all run in line with overall plan.
Conventional PC.  Operates on conventional PC.  Touchscreen and bar code readers can be added to improve efficiency and accuracy.
Program Nests.  Export static nests to third party software for material optimization and CNC programming.  Import results to allow Shop Floor Data Capture on a program by program basis.